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Should I wear my fine jewelry when I go on vacation?

Posted on August 13 2018

August vacations are in full bloom, and many people are ditching work and heading off to vacation spots to soak up some sun and enjoy the water - be it the ocean, a lake, a river, or a pool. So the question comes up - should you take your fine jewelry with you on vacation, or do you go without? Here's the scoop on the do's and don'ts when it comes to your jewels vacation survival.

A lot of women don't think twice to go with their engagement ring and wedding band into the ocean (or the pool.) After all, this is their daily jewelry, it's made of diamonds, so all hell can break loose and the rings should still survive.


That's not the case. Diamonds alone do not scratch and do not get damaged from the minerals in the ocean water, but the gold settings that they usually are set into, are very sensitive towards chemicals and minerals. As a matter of fact, the chlorine in the pool water can literally start eating out the metal that the mountings are made of. Most ring settings are not made of pure gold, and the additional alloys that make the gold stronger, do not jive with chlorine AT ALL. In a way, think of it as osteoporosis for your rings - the chemicals and the minerals in the water make your rings more porous, and easier to break. Let alone that the easiest way to lose your rings is to get your fingers wet and have the rings slip out in the ocean. I mean, who wants that? No one. Except for some greedy fish.

Theft is another common concern about expensive jewelry when vacationing. Common sense goes a long way, especially if going to a foreign country. Sadly, I had an unfortunate experience a few years ago on a Paris trip when I forgot a pair of ruby earrings on the hotel night stand, only to come back and find them... missing. Although my personal tragedy paled in comparison to, let's say, Kim Kardashian's Paris jewelry robbery, it was a very unpleasant situation followed by even more unpleasant dealings with my insurance company (they finally paid for the earrings, but I'd rather eat cardboard paper with metal shavings on top than go through that joyful ordeal again.) Lesson learnt - Paris is a dangerous place, insurance companies are a pain to deal with, and I forget a lot after having French wine the night before. 

What if you are going to a destination wedding? Shouldn't you pack some pearls and fancy jewels for the occasion? Of course, you should! With great care. And make sure the hotel has a safe in the room. Keep the pearls and the gems away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Do not let them come in contact with sunblock lotions, especially pearls, they absorb everything, because they are organic gems and can dull up in no time. If you want to look like a million dollars, you have to put up with some high maintenance jewelry care for one vacation. But who cares... when you can have pictures that you shall splatter all over social media? Life's too short. 

Last, but not least. 

Men - and THEIR wedding bands. 

Do not leave them at home! (the wedding bands, not the men.) You know why.

Enjoy your vacation!



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